BEST ADD ON - AEROSOFT for AES (Love It, Love It)
BEST UTILITY - PETER DOWSON for the FSUIPC Mouse Macro Technique
BEST HARDWARE - LEO BODNAR for the BU0836X Controller

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Timeline June/July 2005
Everybody's got to start somewhere. Here's a pictorial record of how my project evolved.  Simply click on a thumbnail for a better view.  Purely intended as a reminder of what I did on my journey.  Although painful sometimes (did I really do that), it reminds me of all the fun, frustrations and pleasure I've had building the Boeing 737NG.    And it serves as a reminder of how far I've actually got.       Please feel free to use any ideas you see.   Although not every photo is here, it still represents a good record :o))


frame3.jpg (76986 bytes)

Timeline August to December 2005

overhead6.jpg (214196 bytes) overhead5.jpg (205611 bytes)

the radio bay as of 29th December 2005 (3) the radio bay as of 29th December 2005 (4) the radio bay as of 29th December 2005 the radio bay as of 29th December 2005 (5)

Timeline January to December 2006

experimenting with the shell and the projector the engravity cdu-check it out at the start of the shell well it's a start this is how i left it for the night, i'll finish it at the weekend well it's a start (2) First Photos of the Cockpit Shell


sorry about the mess, but this is the workshop :o) experimenting with projectors This Is What It's Supposed To Look Like :o)) the centre pillar and light panel in place the back of the 737NG overhead panel

PFD & ND on 19" monitors - nice primary flight display and navigation display Boeing 737ng Primary Flight Display & ND 737ng Glareshield all finished and Trimmed InFocus X3 projector the shell's coming on looking good, sorry about the G Clamp :o)

yoke checklist boards fitted everyday, it just gets better shell8.jpg (83096 bytes) thru the side window doesn't it look good :o) 737NG side windows side windows in my Boeing 737NG

first view forward from the BOEING 737NG The Boeing 737NG Chronograph 737NG Chronographs Hispapanels Chronographs Built & Working Both the Assmbled Flight Mangement Computers Captains Flight Management Computer FMC6.jpg (88890 bytes)

FMC in Place The Flight Management Computers Symulatory TQ and Fire Panel Symulatory TQ & Fire Panel Symulatory Throttle Quadrant & Fire Panel Throttle Quadrant By Symulatory Throttle Quadrant & Engine Fire Panel

Engine Fire Panel and Throttle Quadrant from SYMULATORY

Looking Down On The 737NG TQ Jump Seat View First Officer View of the Throttle Quadrant SYMULATORY 737NG Engine Fire Panel Fire - What Fire?  Boeing B737 Flightdeck Under Construction are we having fun or what ?